Thanks to its white sandy beaches, tropical weather, coral reefs and an abundance of exotic marine life, the Maldives has become a premier diving location - popular with divers worldwide.

Whether staying on land in one of the many five star resorts or on board one of the readily available live on diving boats, you are sure to be amazed with the dives the Maldives have to offer. With over 50 dives sites available and more to be discovered, there’s something for everyone - from beginners to seasoned professionals.

All Maldivian dives include a lot of water movement, this is what makes them so vibrant but before you arrive you should be aware of the three main dive types.


Lagoons are perfect for dive lessons. They are more protected from the currents than the other locations and typically only reach depths of 20 meters.


Underwater islands, found in many dive locations throughout the Maldives. They vary in size, some you can dive completely around while others you'll only see one side during a single dive.


A channel or pass where large amounts of water move with the tides. These are the perfect locations to see large fish and marine life including manta rays, sharks and turtles.

Another popular type of Maldivian dive locations are wreck sites. Three of the most popular wreck dives are the Victory, British Loyalty and The Shipyard wreck sites.

Victory wreck

Since the 110 metre long vessel sunk in 1981 on the western side of Hulhule Island, it has become home to exotic marine life.

The British Loyalty wreck

The 140 metre vessel was neutralised by Japanese torpedoes in 1946. This wreck is unique in that is allows beginner divers to experience the thrill of exploring a wreck, the upper region is only 17 meters from the water surface.

The Shipyard

This unique site has two boats in one location and home to many exotic fish.

Five reasons to dive into the Maldives

  • Multiple dive locations
  • Tropical weather
  • Abundant marine life
  • Suitable to all levels of experience
  • Luxury accommodation

Drift Diving

Anyone planning an upcoming holiday to the Maldives may want to consider taking part in some diving on their holiday. There are several different types which might interest all and all offer something different which the others do not.

Drift Diving

A drift dive is a type of scuba dive but instead of swimming to where you want to go to, you instead let the currents guide you around the ocean floor. This type of dive is for experienced divers only and will require some training due to the obvious dangers it possesses compared to a regular scuba dive.

Night Diving

A night dive is like a regular scuba dive but takes place at night instead giving you a completely different experience of the sea floor. You will guide yourself with an artificial light source such as a flashlight and will see many nocturnal species of fish which you will not be able to see during the day. You will also notice some amazing changes to some of the anemone in the beautiful coral reefs which will extend some of their tentacles which are relaxed during the day.

Wreck Diving

Around the coast of the Maldives several boats have been placed on the ocean floor and a coral reef has been allowed to develop on it. Many stunning species of fish can now call the sunken boats their home. When taking part in a wreck dive you will not only get to explore a stunning coral reef but also see for yourself just how nature can take over a man made object if given the chance.

Liveaboard Diving

A liveaboard diving experience involves staying on a boat for several nights and traveling around the Maldives giving you the chance in many different locations. As some fish are more numerous in certain areas than others you will visit lots of different locations so you can see a variety of different sea life.

There is certainly no shortage of the types of dives you can take part in. You can choose your favourite or perhaps try out them all.